What is CoderDojo? We are part of a global network of free coding clubs for young people. We enable them to learn everything they need to become a great programmer whilst providing a safe, fun and sociable environment to do it in.

Quotes from Young People

"I like CoderDojo Bridgeton because it's amazing! We get to make our own games, help each other and enjoy ourselves with our friends."

- Niaomi

"CoderDojo Bridgeton is great because you get to talk to your friends, play games that you've made, and learn all about coding."

- Veronika

"I think others should come to CoderDojo Bridgeton because it's fun, we learn how to code and we can make our own things using code. You'll love it!"

- Sky

"I like computers. My uncle works with them and he inspired me to try coding. I'm really interested in making my own websites and CoderDojo Bridgeton helps me to learn how to do this. If you like technology and you like coding, why not come along?"

- Andrew